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How To: Tie the Perfect Bow Tie

25 Apr

Nothing says Southern Gent to me more than a classic bow tie! But with this trendy fashion choice comes the ultimate challenge – how to tie the bow tie. Well don’t fret for one more second because today I have a man-friendly guide to help your dapper gent tackle the challenge stress-free!!

To view more tips and tricks, as well as suggested bows for your beaus, visit Mr. Porter.


D.I.Y. Neon Notepads

23 Apr

I am a list maker by nature. If I don’t write something down to then be crossed off later, I feel like I don’t really accomplish anything so every day starts with a list! These super fun  notepads made by Whitney at EatSleepCuddle are such an easy project to glamorize and beautify a busy working girl’s many lists! Happy crafting readers!

from Whitney: ‘i used scrapbook paper for the book jacket, regular computer paper for the inside (cut to size), PVA glue to put it all together, and gold leaf for the “dipped” look. (i use the adhesive size & gold leaf that are shown in this kit.)’

Two of a Kind

17 Feb

I have so many friends who are engaged right now and more weddings that I have been invited to than I can count. Wedding gift shopping can be such a headache, especially when trying to find fun and unique gifts that you don’t want to show up six times on the gift table…there are only so many pots and pans that newlyweds need! Today I’ve got a bundle of celebratory gifts that will satisfy both the bride and groom, and will make your gifting responsibilities a much more pleasant experience…the best of both worlds! Happy shopping friends!

{1} luggage tags from OftheFountain
{2} ‘Say I Love You’ pillow cases from BoldLoft
{3} Mr. and Mrs. Muse mugs from Jonathan Adler
{4} Yours and Mine Highballs from Kate Spade
{5} Tea for Two Flask from BEG Bicycles

Welcome Totes

26 Jan

This afternoon I have the perfect makings of a wedding tote to welcome all of your friends and family to your destination beach affair!

It all starts with the bag. Personalized wedding totes are a huge trend right now and being such a charming reminder of the weekend like the one below, I can see why!

Then you and your beau get to fill it with all of the lovely details you want!

{1} Write your guests a personal message in a bottle to say ‘thank you’ for their love and support!
{2} These custom stickers are too cute not to put in your bag.
{3} Sipping their hot beverage of choice from these mugs, your guests will be carried away to the beach even on the coldest of days.
{4} Flip flops are essential for long walks on the beach!
{5} A gorgeous mercury candle like this will bring warm romance to those long winter nights.
{6} Salt water taffy is definitely a staple of a perfect beach vacation.
{7} Wintertide spa scrub to keep skin soft and smooth during the harsh winter months.
{8} A vintage beach-themed flask will make the guys very happy!
{9} If you want to add a little something special in your bridal party’s bags, monogrammed cashmere scarves could be just what you’re looking for.

Snowball Floats

17 Jan

Looking for a unique winter-lover’s signature drink?  I have a sweet and simple flavorful concoction from The Sweetest Occasion that will definitely bring a smile to your face!

And even better, the directions are simple – Add one scoop of ice cream to your glass. Pour 1/3 part full with eggnog. Add vanilla soda and serve!

For the grown-up version, go ahead and add a shot of vanilla vodka and enjoy the extra yum.

Maids in White

10 Jan

I am a huge advocate of choosing trendy bridesmaids attire because you know that with dresses like the ones below from BHDLN, your closest lady friends will be so excited to wear their outfit on your big day, and again, and again, and again.  Any combination of these dresses and accessories will give you and each of your lovely ladies the perfect frost-kissed look for your winter soiree. Go explore the fashion-forward site and make your maids even happier to be standing by your side. Enjoy this pretty day y’all!

{1} Quatrefoil Sheath
{2} Saturnalia Dress
{3} Dainty Diversion Mini
{4} Fall-to-Winter Boots
{5} Platinum Promise Gloves
{6} Sun-Bleached Belt
{7} Troika Earrings

D.I.Y. Sequin Stir Sticks

5 Jan

Hello friends! Time to wrap this week up with a simple, sparkling craft that will make y’all want to come up with a fabulous excuse to throw a festive party! These darling embellished stir sticks, found on one of my favorite DIY guru sites, Simply Splendid, are such a fun detail for the modern, trendy hostess.  Not only are they super easy to put together, but they are sure to make your wallet happy as well with their low-cost supplies, which is even more reason to love these sequin-glam stirrers! So get your girlfriends together and make it a ladies’ night this weekend crafting some razzle dazzle for your next big affair!!


{1} 2″ sequinned star appliques
{2} bamboo barbecue sticks (available at Target or your local grocery store)
{3} craft felt, preferably matching your sequin color
{4} hot glue and a glue gun
{5} scissors


{1} Lay the sequinned star over the craft felt and cut the felt to the size and shape of the applique.
{2} Place the applique sequin side down, and position the bamboo skewer in the middle of the applique. (The placement should be set so that the top of the skewer aligns with the horizontal edges of the top left and right star points, and the skewer stem aligns with and breaks through the center of the bottom two points.)
{3} Hot glue the bamboo skewer in place in this position.
{4} Set aside with its matching felt cutout to cool and set, and continue creating more as needed.
{5} Draw and outline of hot glue around the edge of the felt cutout, then draw a small “X” of hot glue in the inside of the outline.
{6} Press the felt cutout over the applique and the bamboo skewer to create a covered backing for a finished look.