Welcome Totes

26 Jan

This afternoon I have the perfect makings of a wedding tote to welcome all of your friends and family to your destination beach affair!

It all starts with the bag. Personalized wedding totes are a huge trend right now and being such a charming reminder of the weekend like the one below, I can see why!

Then you and your beau get to fill it with all of the lovely details you want!

{1} Write your guests a personal message in a bottle to say ‘thank you’ for their love and support!
{2} These custom stickers are too cute not to put in your bag.
{3} Sipping their hot beverage of choice from these mugs, your guests will be carried away to the beach even on the coldest of days.
{4} Flip flops are essential for long walks on the beach!
{5} A gorgeous mercury candle like this will bring warm romance to those long winter nights.
{6} Salt water taffy is definitely a staple of a perfect beach vacation.
{7} Wintertide spa scrub to keep skin soft and smooth during the harsh winter months.
{8} A vintage beach-themed flask will make the guys very happy!
{9} If you want to add a little something special in your bridal party’s bags, monogrammed cashmere scarves could be just what you’re looking for.


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