Inspiration Board #36: Winter by the Sea

23 Jan

It’s that time of the week again friends – Monday. Is it just me, or does the weekend always seem to fly by with super sonic speed?? I guess they’re right when they say time flies when you’re having fun! Well, Happy Monday everyone!! Let’s kick this week off right with the inspiration of one of my favorite things…saltwater. Doesn’t just thinking of the beach raise your spirits out of their winter slump and send them dreaming of long days of sweet freedom? There is no other place in existence that makes me feel as calm and at peace with the world as standing at the meeting place of sandy beach and sea water, getting lost in the dancing reflections of the ocean floor. Sounds pretty fabulous right about now…Well since I can’t escape to my ocean paradise right now, I propose we take this week to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the winter sea, starting with today’s inspiration board…

‘the cure for anything is SALTWATER: sweat, tears, or the sea‘ – isak dinesen

Row 1: seating chart, ocean floor, invitation suite
Row 2: directional sign, couple on beach, escort cards
Row 3: snow cones, rope heart, nautical thank you bags


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