D.I.Y. Sequin Stir Sticks

5 Jan

Hello friends! Time to wrap this week up with a simple, sparkling craft that will make y’all want to come up with a fabulous excuse to throw a festive party! These darling embellished stir sticks, found on one of my favorite DIY guru sites, Simply Splendid, are such a fun detail for the modern, trendy hostess.  Not only are they super easy to put together, but they are sure to make your wallet happy as well with their low-cost supplies, which is even more reason to love these sequin-glam stirrers! So get your girlfriends together and make it a ladies’ night this weekend crafting some razzle dazzle for your next big affair!!


{1} 2″ sequinned star appliques
{2} bamboo barbecue sticks (available at Target or your local grocery store)
{3} craft felt, preferably matching your sequin color
{4} hot glue and a glue gun
{5} scissors


{1} Lay the sequinned star over the craft felt and cut the felt to the size and shape of the applique.
{2} Place the applique sequin side down, and position the bamboo skewer in the middle of the applique. (The placement should be set so that the top of the skewer aligns with the horizontal edges of the top left and right star points, and the skewer stem aligns with and breaks through the center of the bottom two points.)
{3} Hot glue the bamboo skewer in place in this position.
{4} Set aside with its matching felt cutout to cool and set, and continue creating more as needed.
{5} Draw and outline of hot glue around the edge of the felt cutout, then draw a small “X” of hot glue in the inside of the outline.
{6} Press the felt cutout over the applique and the bamboo skewer to create a covered backing for a finished look.


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