Cheers for the New Year!

31 Dec

Happy New Year’s Eve friends!!

I have had such an exciting end to my new year! My handsome sailor surprised me with a phone call earlier this week telling me he was coming into port for a few days…I wasn’t supposed to hear from him for another two or three weeks so imagine my excitement!! But that was the reason I have been out of touch with all of y’all the last few days. So today I will be sure to catch up with all the wedding excitement and trends to share with y’all, so get ready for a whomper of a love-filled day!

If you’re still looking to highlight a fun drink for tonight’s festivities that is sure to make an impression, I encourage y’all to pull out the blender and host your parties with a spiked slushie in your hand! These drinks are super easy to prepare, and a trendy, funky way to bring in 2012 with style. For full ingredients and recipes, follow the links below…

Strawberry Champagne Slushy

Riesling Strawberry Slushy

Peach Bellini




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