Inspiration Board #32: Champagne & Poppers

26 Dec

I love holidays week! The last 7 days of the year cover so much giving, sharing, and loving, it makes you wonder why it can’t be Christmas time all the time…I hope everyone’s spirits are as full as their tummies after this past weekend, and that y’all are ready to bring in the new year this coming weekend with open arms and open hearts!

My new years’ resolution:
To do everything in my power to get a job by May Graduation in the weddings marketing field that does not include the word “intern” in the career title.

Start drafting those resolutions friends — The new year is almost here!

For some motivation and inspiration, enjoy this week’s collection of blissful pretties, starting with the inspiration board below!

Row 1: poster, boutonniere, party dress, flower girl

Row 2: wedding attire, ice cream sparklers

Row 3: tassel garland, D.I.Y. poppers


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