The Bride’s Stocking

23 Dec

Good morning friends! It is hard to believe that we are just two days away from Christmas, isn’t it??

Well, if you have a special bride in your life right now and are still looking for those perfect stocking stuffers, I have just the Christmas shopping list for you! Every bride needs a Wedding Day Emergency Kit, like this one found on Swatchbook Weddings, to help her and her maids through the madness of a wedding day. Equipped with this collection of 21 necessities for wedded bliss, you can guarantee that your special bride will be bound for a stress-free, ready-for-anything day! And y’all, what more could you ask for?

1. BAND-AIDS: Fix the ring bearer’s boo boo or a bridesmaid’s blister.
2. BREATH MINTS: Chewing gum doesn’t look good on anybody.
3. CLEAR NAIL POLISH: Stop that run in your stockings…or the MOB’s stockings, anyway.
4. BOBBY PINS: Dancing messes up your up-do.
5. TISSUES: Daddy’s little girl is getting married!
6. DEODORANT: Someone’s gonna need it.
7. WHITE NAIL POLISH: *If the bride has a french manicure. If not, pack their color.
8. LOTION: No ashy elbows or knees in those pictures, ladies!
9. ASPIRIN: It’s gonna be a looooong day.
10. COMPACT MIRROR: For quick touch-ups.
11. HAIR SPRAY: Can someone say, “Flyaways?”
12. ANTACID: See #9.
13. DRINKING STRAWS: Sip drinks without messing up your lipstick.
14. LINT ROLLER: The boys will probably need this…and not a single one of them will bring one.
15. SNACKS: For Heaven’s sake please don’t forget to eat!
16. EYE DROPS: See #12.
17. SAFETY PINS: Last-minute fix to any misbehaving outfits or boutonnieres!
18. STAIN REMOVER: If the worst should happen, BE READY.
19. WATER: Make sure everyone stays hydrated. It’s best for pics AND the next morning
20. STATIC GUARD: Especially with light fabrics like chiffon, this is a must!
21. SEWING KIT: Emergency button repair.


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