Inspiration Board #29: Pine-ing for Christmas

1 Dec

Hello friends! So, I have no idea when November even happened, but today is finally the beginnings of the magical month of December! This means three things for me: 1. Men suddenly  look much more like human beings and much less like hairy monkeys, which makes me very happy. 2. The 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family starts and I am so excited for all my holiday favorites to be on the tele every day! 3. Winter wedding season is starting…YAY. Now, on a typical day, I hate snow. And when I say hate, yes I realize how strong of a word that is. I truly despise having to be outside when there is snow involved. It is freezing, wet, and once society touches it, turns a really ugly grey.  BUT! There is something just so enchanting and inspiring about the grace and purity of winter weddings (especially ones that involves snow) that it just makes my grinch-like heart melt, and makes me SO excited for the blissful season! I think the most enticing thing about having a December wedding is that the month is traditionally a time to celebrate faith, love, community, family, and home…what better time is there to throw a wedding into the mix?! To steal the words of one of my favorite ladies, T-Swift, these celebrations of love simply leave me ‘wonderstruck’ in their significance. So grab a steaming cup of hot tea and come get in the festive holiday spirit with me!

Row 1: boutonniere, bouquet, barn wedding, invitation

Row 2: table setting, flower belt, hot chocolate

Row 3: cake, ring pillow, invitation suite, shoes


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