Give Thanks

24 Nov


What am I thankful for this week?? So many things…

To see…the light of the Lord and His goodness every day as small prayers are answered and little every day miracles are realized. It is a blessing in itself that I leave my bed every morning and return to it every night with good health and a happy heart. All the extra stuff – the family, the friends, the talents, the life experiences, the opportunities – these are my every day miracles. For this, I am thankful.

To smell…the cozy, familiar aroma of home as I walk in the front door and am greeted by love, love, & more love. I am one of the luckiest people I know because my family was built on a foundation of love, support, and values. I love the smell of home because that scent takes me back through all of my incredible childhood memories and reminds me just how lucky I am. Home truly is where the heart is! For this, I am thankful.

To feel…the overjoyed, genuine embrace of reunited best friends and the side-splitting laughter that is sure to make an appearance at every reconnection. I have always been an advocate for quality over quantity when it comes to relationships, and I can tell you with certainty, my besties are of the highest quality. For this, I am thankful.

To taste…my mama’s home cookin’! Really, there’s nothing like it. I’m convinced her potato soup recipe has magical healing powers. And her deviled eggs? I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. I am extremely  thankful to have a mother who devotes so much of herself to others, in whatever way she can. (It’s also her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!) I am so lucky that my Supermom finds the time and energy, on top of everything else she does for us, to fix us delicious, well-balanced meals and make sure we never go hungry. For this, I am thankful.

To hear…the happy and healthy voice of my deployed beau on the other end of the phone line from half a world away. While I occasionally grumble about the frustrations of deployment, I am so grateful to have such a kind-hearted, loyal, handsome man, who just also happens to have the heart to serve our country, to call my own. He is my ultimate best friend and I know I am loved more than words can express. For this, I am thankful.


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