Inspiration Board #27: Rustic Romance

16 Nov

This week I thought I’d serve y’all up a yummy platter of rustic romance. I love when a bride and groom aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and integrate nature into their wedding day. And the Fall Season is just the perfect time of year for that don’t y’all think? As my sweet beau Shawn would tell you, I’m very fond of taking walks all year round, but the fall is especially magical to me. I find it to be so soothing (and romantic!) to walk along a wooded path and enjoy the natural, subdued calm that sets in around this time of the year. If you’re looking for something to unwind this weekend and it’s not raining in your part of the world, get on out there and enjoy a hand-in-hand walk with your beau! To prepare, be sure to check out the rustic inspiration below…

Row 1: ceremony decor, pine boutonnieres, mason jar escort cards, invitation suite

Row 2: camp signs, seat signs, bouquet, boots

Row 3: s’mores, love banner, bridesmaids


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