Pumpkin Patch Color Palette: White, Black, Orange

20 Oct

Hello my friends! I am SO in the mood to galavant around a pumpkin patch today and find the prettiest pumpkin of them all! I’ve been racking my brain all day for crafty, fun things of pumpkin goodness to inspire my creative soul! All of this pumpkin talk got me thinking…pumpkins + weddings! I scoured the internet this afternoon for my favorite inspirations to share. Check out the details below y’all!

1. Setting up a pumpkin patch is such a sweet & simple way to distribute guest favors.
2. Pumpkin “love” stamps for sending out wedding invitations?! Yes please!
3. Wouldn’t this look too cute placed as a sweetheart table centerpiece?? I just want to light a candle inside!
4. A pumpkin cooler. Genius.
5. Glam-ified mini pumpkins can be such a chic DIY seating card holder. I’m always game for a little shimmer!
6. Who needs vases when you’ve got pumpkins?! I can totally picture this floral centerpiece at a festive Halloween afternoon wedding!


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