20 Sep

Everyone who knows me knows that I love surprises. Surprising others, being surprised myself, I just love it all! Are you looking for a funky, innovate, and surprising way to make your family and friends super excited to save your date?! Consider creating a fun DIY party popper like the one below (full template at Oh Happy Day!) that is just as beautiful as the people you are sending it to…Even better, this is so much more affordable then purchasing printed save-the-dates…Even BETTER, it has a very personal touch of you which is important since this day is all about you after all…EVEN BETTER, you can use a crafting activity like this as a bonding activity for your maids to start to get to know each other better! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You’re friends WANT to help. Let them! Hope you all have a bright and colorful day!

“Beautiful people”…”Sarah + James are getting married”…”7.2.2011″…”In San Francisco”…”Please Save the Date”


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