Destination Camp!…A Weekend Affair

13 Sep

Often when people get married, they feel like they are spread thin trying to experience everything they had planned while also visiting intimately with all of their visiting family and friends. Well, why not make an entire weekend out of it?! The reasoning I most often hear is money, money, money. And believe me, as a struggling college student evidenced by my cupboard of $1 pasta boxes, I understand a thing or two when it comes to having a simple budget. BUT! That doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding of your dreams, you just have to get a little creative…A destination wedding doesn’t have to be whisking your guests off in luxury to Europe or the Caribbean Islands, even though that would be just marvelous! If anyone wants to whisk me off to Italy, my bags can be packed in five minutes. 😉

For the budget-conscious bride, so many places can be used as a “destination”…a family lake house, a beach you visited every year of your childhood, or if you want to get really creative, maybe even a local summer camp! When its not in season, most camps usually are very willing to rent out its facilities for special events. In one place you have everything you need. Sleeping quarters, dining halls, kitchens, camp chapel, gathering halls, recreational activities, beautiful landscaping, and usually a pretty fantastic sunrise and sunset. The invitation suite below that I found on Green Wedding Shoes was used in a real weekend summer camp wedding celebration…

Because you probably can’t read that little print, I’ll walk you through what some of the highlights are starting from the banner at the top…

“Wandering through the weekend” – A timeline for the wedding of Katie and Cameron September 10-12, 2010 Camp Lane, Oregon

Friday 9/10 3:30 PM Camp Check-in Begins, 5:00 PM Ceremony followed by…, 7:00 PM Dinner, Celebrate! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Saturday 9/11 8:00-11:00 AM Brunch in the Lodge followed by…, Swimming, bocce ball, croquet, horsheshoes, tetherball, walks in the woods, talking to friends, arts and crafts, finding things to launch, getting to know the wonderful people we love, roller skating, etc., 3:00 PM BBQ, In the evening: s’more making at the bonfire, an outdoor movie in the amphitheater after sundown

Sunday 9/12 8:00-10:00 AM Breakfast in the Lodge, 11:00 AM Camp Checkout

Doesn’t that sound like SUCH a fun weekend?! I know I would want to participate and I don’t even like camping! Too many bugs, not enough bathrooms… But if I got this invite, I would SO be there without a second thought! And it is totally a budget friendly weekend! That’s the best part!

Hope you’re having a tres fabulous week so far campers!


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