Real Weddings: Be My Lobster?

8 Sep

Ever since that I saw that famous Friends episode where I learned that lobsters mate for life, I have been just tickled happy when real couples incorporate the theme into their wedding day. The featured couple here, Chris and Karen, had a laid-back beachfront day in Connecticut complete with a raw seafood bar, a lobster bake, and lots and LOTS of dancing (Absolutely necessary at any wedding in my opinion.). These two are also one of the most detail-oriented wedding couples I have featured on here thus far and I am SO happy to be able to share their creative choices with you to hopefully spark your inspiration fancy! I also have alternative motives…I am kind of in love with the bridal party’s attire…the flower girls are the cutest buttons I’ve seen in a long time and I am not ashamed to say I’d love to have two pocket-sized versions for myself to pull out whenever my heart needs to smile…the ladies look like they just walked out of a J. Crew Magazine (uber obession) and the men…well…let’s just say a man in a neutral suit does not go unnoticed when I’m around. 😉 Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this week’s real wedding as much as I did! There is a LOT to take in so don’t be afraid to sit down
and stay awhile…

Photographs by Beyond the Lens Photography!

I hope my future children are this beautiful. 🙂The guys all were all dressed in style at the dock to greet the guests as they arrived. 
What a good-looking bridal party!

I would love to Summer at this House…reminds me of Dirty Dancing! I’ve always secretly wanted to live a recreation of the Summer of Frances “Baby”…
Details from the cocktail hour…Check out that raw bar! Save me a plate!
Details above and below are from the reception…I promised I’d give you details didn’t I? I know I didn’t fall short on this one…
Okay now, get ready for the coolest, more perfect ring photo you have ever seen. Are you ready?! Go ahead, sneak a look below, if you can handle it…

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