Love Notes…In a Bottle!

6 Sep

Have you ever set off or even better yet found a message in a bottle when you were at the beach?? I haven’t, but I imagine it would be one of those surreal fairytale moments. I would just LOVE to get an unexpected glimpse into the mind of a stranger and read the words that they so willingly desired to share. There are so many budget-friendly, yet chic ways to tie a “Message in a Bottle” into any beach or nautical themed wedding or event!

Here are just a few of my suggestions…

1. Use them as a hand-delivered invitation! If your guests are all people you interact with often/live in the same area, this is totally feasible, can cut costs on stationary/postage, AND is a much more personal and fun way to invite your family and friends to a special event you’re hosting. Could you imagine being handed something like the bottle above inviting you to a soiree on the beach?? It would be nearly impossible to find a reason not to attend!

2. Use them as a unique guest activity! If it’s a wedding, have your guests write messages of well wishes and/or advice for the bride and groom that they can’t open until their 1st anniversary. OR for an event on a beach or even better, along a river, have your guests write messages and cast them into the water!

3. Use them as a guest favor! Write personal notes/love notes to your guests and stick them in the bottles for them to take home with them. It will be just one more surprise at the end of the night when your guests least expect it to leave them wanting more as they head out the door. PLUS it’s a meaningful token of your appreciation for their love, support, and attendance. What’s better than that?!


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