Inspiration Board #19: International Travels

31 Aug

Happy hump day readers! I am majorly behind in my posts this week. It has been a wild week here in VA. Let’s see…

My senior year officially started two days ago. (WHAT?! I have to be a real person soon?!?!)

Next weekend is incredibly significant for me because it is the weekend of my theme dinner. (Basically, my senior showcase…a huge culminating night I’ve been working for for the last three years.)

My boyfriend Shawn leaves for his first big deployment tomorrow. (If you’ve ever had someone close to you leave for deployment, then you know how emotionally exhausting this transition period is.)

That about covers all the major things. Add in homework, clubs/organizations, work, trying to have some resemblance of a social life…I’m about ready to build a machine that adds more hours into the day!!

Knowing that my heart is about to set sail across the ocean blue to international waters, I decided to post a travel-inspired board this week. When in Hawaii this past summer, we saw many brides that wanted to fuse together Asian/Island/Traditional American cultures. I created this board for a bride that specifically wanted elements of Japan, China, India, Morocco, Bali, Hawaii, and America with a color palette of pinks, greens, neutrals, whites, and golds. This was one of my favorite clients because I got to be extra creative! Check it out below, I’d love to know what you think!!

Row 1: table decor, cake, traditional outfit
Row 2: lighting, green pillow, gold pillow, invitation suite
Row 3: lanternaudoman, bouquet, seating area
Row 4, table, favor setting, chair decor, origami escort card


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