Real Weddings: Bali-tastic

31 Aug

I found this heart-stopping, jaw-dropping Bali wedding on the lovely blog OnceWed (go HERE for more pictures)…one of my favorites to stalk daily!…the fairytale day was photographed by Aaron Delesie, a new obsession for me…I have the urge to blow up and frame his photography for my walls it is that perfect. He WILL photograph my wedding. I’m determined. I won’t lie to you…I just spent the last hour getting lost in his photos…go check them out!! Okay, back to this wedding. I’ve never been to Bali. Now, it is in my top five places I want to see in person. These pictures make it seem almost unreal in its beauty. Shall we get started with our Bali journey?…

I have a real soft spot for simple elegance. These invitations make me swoon. 

Oh, hello. (Swoon some more…)

This is what dresses in wedding heaven must look like.

This table is perfect in every single way. Going with a white tablecloth and white table settings is usually a cheaper alternative than color. AND it looks super clean and chic. AND you can sassy it up with pops of color like the greenery in the above table decor!Is it just me or does that table cloth look almost dream-like? Ps, how do I get a slice of that cake?
Biggest reason why I love weddings with what I like to call family style seating (reception tables being rectangular and long) is it creates such an intimate, fun atmosphere where so many people are able to interact at once. No one feels isolated or like they were seated super far away and are missing out. It’s marvelous. PS fireworks?! What a way to end the night with a bang! Love all around. ❤


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