Real Weddings: Love Birds in the Garden

24 Aug

I have a fairy tale story to share with you. My older half-brother Rick married his high school sweetheart this past weekend.  TOO fantastic. Rick and Cindy met during their high school production of Grease over 20 years ago. They dated through high school, attending multiple high school proms together as well as other high school experiences. When Rick went to college, the couple broke up in his freshman year. From there they continued in separate paths…Rick on the east coast, Cindy on the west. They both married, started their careers, and lived their lives, but something was always missing. 20 years later, they reconnected via Facebook. I’m not kidding. Rick posted a recipe on Cindy’s wall and their love was rekindled. In no time, they were together on the West Coast, falling more in love than ever before. This past Saturday, Cindy and her girls were  officially brought into the Haverkamp family and we all are beyond happy for the two of them!! For a taste of just some of the details of their ‘vintage garden chic’ wedding with an emphasis on the love birds theme, look below! Three cheers for true love…

Check out that top middle pic…high school prom!!

Cindy’s daughter Fiona sang a lovely and entertaining rendition of “Everybody” by Ingrid Michaelson.

Backyard “living room” for family photos. Favorite part of the whole day!

“Life is Tweet”…dessert bar! Yummm.

I love the summer garden hats worn by Cindy’s friends!

One Response to “Real Weddings: Love Birds in the Garden”

  1. Beck September 2, 2011 at 6:50 PM #

    Love the post and had a great time at the wedding!! ;0) Very fun couple of days!!! It was great to meet you and good luck with everything! Great job!

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