Inspiration Board #18: Garden Fantasies

21 Aug

Readers, this is quite likely my favorite week to date to be spreading wedding loveliness to you. Do you ever fantasize of long walks in a luscious garden, with the scents of countless variations of blooms overwhelming your senses and the feeling of utter serenity being your only thought? I hope I am not alone in this daydream…This weekend, I definitely was in a happy place. My older brother Rick was married this past Saturday to the most wonderful woman named Cindy (sidenote…Cindy and her two girls are quite possibly some of the most wonderfully fantastic darlings I know, so I couldn’t be more thrilled) and I was their officially titled wedding planner! I also had the honor of reading a passage during the ceremony which was even extra special. I will be featuring pictures from their wedding on Wednesday, but for now, I want to share a Secret Garden inspired board with you all. Rick and Cindy’s wedding was set in a vintage garden atmosphere that left me feeling inspired and eager to test my own creative juices! Hope y’all enjoy!


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