Real Weddings: A Pastel Affair

17 Aug

Well readers, there are three things I absolutely love most about the wedding of Alan and Ani, photographed by the brilliant Ian Villaceran and found featured on Once Wed.

1. The happy couple served afternoon tea. Talk about quaint elegance! And such a simple, adorable (and inexpensive!) touch for guests to enjoy rather than the expected traditional cocktail hour.

2. The ladies were encouraged to come in their best hats. I love love love hats and if I weren’t a poor college student, I would be so thrilled to own many a big floppy hat for laying on the beach or attending the derby in my best dress. Even the bride’s fabulous headpiece mimics the garden hat vibe. J’adore.

3. Even though the reception is indoors, it still makes me feel as if I’m in a spring garden with such delicate simplicity and inspired design. This is one of those weddings that I just become infatuated with as I continue to absorb each and every detail and how they were pulled together so seamlessly.

Look through these pictures slowly, over a nice hot cup of tea. Take your time. Get inspired. 🙂

In love with that tie!!

If this isn’t the most perfect outdoor venue, I don’t know what is. And check out the chalkboard for seating assignments. Using one piece of signage or a chalkboard to display seating arrangements, a program of events, or even a menu, can really save you some moolah when it comes to unnecessary printed materials! Ask your friends to find one you can borrow or go to a thrift store or flea market and find an inexpensive vintage one that you will be able to continue to use after the wedding as home decor!

Afternoon Tea! Doesn’t it look just so inviting?? If you’re not drinking tea already, I bet you’re thinking about it now…

The cake above looks like a present almost too good to eat…Mind you, I said almost. And check out below! More hats and an elated couple! What more could you want in a day?



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