Budget Blooms

17 Aug

Hello brides!! I am currently in Seattle this week and just surrounded by jaw-dropping landscape every direction I look! The mountains honestly look fake they are so perfect. Today I got to visit Pike’s Place, the famous flea market in Seattle where they had some of the most fabulous bouquets of flowers I have ever seen and for ONLY $5, $10, or $15. And they were HUGE, fresh, and just all around everything lovely. So, inspired by today’s adventures, let’s talk flowers! When a woman receives her bouquet for the first time on her wedding day, they are finally a completed bride. It is the last piece that makes her look even more beautiful than her wildest dreams as she walks down the aisle. The downside to the beauty flowers add to a wedding is that they can be such an expensive element and often, something that gets the short end of the stick in a budget-conscious wedding. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make both yourself AND your piggy bank happy by being aware of your options!

1. Grocery stores are an excellent place to look for your wedding flowers believe it or not! Trader Joe’s and Wegmans are my personal favorite. You would be very surprised what you might find there…It’s simple as checking out youtube for how-to videos and you’ll be a flower arranging pro in no time! Go HERE for a great link from Real Simple Magazine on how to take supermarket flowers and make them into an irresistible bouquet!

2. Consider growing your own flowers! Usually, you will find that you have at least a year before your actual wedding day. If you plan far enough in advance, you can absolutely grow your own flowers if you happen to have skills in the garden! If you don’t have natural hands (no pun intended), let me introduce you to youtube tutorials…They are your friend. 🙂 Go HERE to find a great video by gardening expert Jessica Smith on how to grow peony flowers. (one of my all-time favorite flower types!) Then go HERE to watch how good ole Martha goes about arranging the delicate flower. An even better budget plus about peonies? They are so full and lush, it takes far less product to create a stunning bouquet. Perfection!
3. Even better, for a fun, laid-back activity that you can share with the female side of your bridal party, why not visit a flower ‘farm’ where you can go and pick and arrange your own bouquets to carry on the big day! If you do a quick internet search, you should easily come across pick-your-own farms anywhere in the country! One of my favorites in the Northern Virginia area is Fields of Flowers. Bouquets are only $10!!!! Yes, you just heard me. TEN. DOLLARS. And if the wedding party gets involved, the flowers are sold by the bucket, at $15-$30 a bucket. Talk about a bargain! Go HERE to find their hours, location, and a very valuable list of what they typically have blooming at different times of the year.


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