Inspiration Board #16: Something Blue

8 Aug

Tradition is such a special part of every wedding. How people choose to incorporate the past into the present always thrills me. The past has a special place in my heart…Maybe it’s because while learning of all of the history from the world’s past, it has always been the love stories that have struck a cord with me. The women during World War II who waited tirelessly for their soldiers to come home, sending love letter after love letter until they were reunited once more…the immigrants who traveled here from Europe with not much more than a penny in their pockets and love in their hearts to create a better future for their children…the sacrifice, the passion, the loyalty of millions of men and women in our history books- behind it all, you will most likely find that love was the driving force. And today is no different! Hence, why tradition is one of my favorite pieces of a wedding. There are countless family traditions passed down through the generations, as well as ceremony and reception traditions that have a presence in almost every wedding celebration. There is the sharing of the vows, the breaking of the glass, the first kiss as man and wife…the speeches, the first dance, the bouquet toss, the cake cutting…the bride’s dress and veil, the ring, the songs sung and dances danced…And in almost every wedding, evidence of the Old English Rhyme “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is honored. This week’s board features just some of the blue elements that can be integrated into a wedding celebration. Really, the options are endless. Whether it is a small trinket or a grand statement, your something blue will serve as a nod to the past as you step into your future.

row 1: dress, cake, pillows, ring, flip flops

row 2: shoes, cake stand, bridesmaid dress and shoes


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