First Class Entertaining

12 Jul

Past brides, present brides, future brides…this post is for ALL of you. In fact it’s helpful for anyone, even the grooms! While scrolling through the blog of La Partie Events tonight, I came across this table setting diagram, intended to give women an idea of what china pieces, most often used when entertaining guests, to add to their wedding registry. Not only does it give you such a clear visual of what is what (who really knows what all those forks are used for anyway…), but a whole new confidence when you are shopping for your new home goods!

“Go to any fancy restaurant and what do you see: four different kinds of forks, knives, dishes, and glasses to confuse you for the whole meal. But you can learn something from that overly-thought-out place setting. Below is an illustration of the different items you should consider when registering for china. Red items are for everyday entertaining and include (from left to right) the salad fork, dinner fork, dinner plate, napkin, dinner knife, soup spoon, and water glass. Blue items are for formal entertaining and include the bread plate, butter knife, fish fork, dessert spoon, dessert fork, fish knife, and red- and white-wine glasses.” Britni Woods, Style Expert at The Bride’s Guide


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