A Blushing Bride

12 Jul

Do you watch the highly addictive TV show on TLC, “Say Yes to the Dress”?! I am SO guilty. I particularly enjoy marathon days. When watching that show, when is the first time that most of those women say they truly feel like a ‘bride’? When they put on the veil and get “accessorized”, as Randy likes to say! Now there are many types of veils that can fall mostly in four different categories: mantilla (smaller with elegant details), fountain (midlength, versatile and romantic), cathedral/chapel (longest, a gorgeous, captivating look), and, the topic of today’s post…blusher (smallest, fun and flirty)! The basic description of a blusher is a single sheer layer made of netting or tulle worn over the face. Personally, I really enjoy the look a bride can achieve with a blusher veil on its own, but many brides look absolutely stunning when they combine these with a longer veil. You can opt for a traditional or modern take, even pairing it with a fabulous custom hair piece (which I highly recommend searching on Etsy for). All of the below veils are actually from an etsy shop as well, TessaKim. The first two are a tulle style, the third is birdcage, and the fourth is a double-layer combination of birdcage and tulle (simply beautiful). Oh, j’adore…


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