Inspiration Board #11: Old Hollywood Glam

7 Jul

Aloha readers! I have heard from several of you missing my posts which has been so sweet, but I feel like I’ve failed you all this week! Let me explain my absence…Shawn had a four-day weekend (as did I) so we went all out and made the most out of it! The only time we were home this weekend was to pass out from exhaustion in bed. Friday we had the BEST time in Waikiki with a great dinner followed by bar-hopping along the beach. Perfect. Saturday we went on the most ridiculous, wild, incredible hike EVER. Literally, it was basically a huge and I mean HUGE staircase up a mountain made out of  hundreds of wood railway block things. My legs are still sore. Then we saw Transformers 3 that afternoon (SO GOOD, if you haven’t seen it, go see it!!) and had a late dinner at Cheesecake Factory…you know how most couples have ‘songs’? We have a restaurant. Well, more like a cheesecake. The Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, extra whipped cream. YUM. Sunday we woke up and ran some errands in the morning before heading out to the most exciting luau, Paradise Cove. The setting was stunning, the food was delicious, and the show was spectacular! If you ever go to Hawaii, I highly recommend it! While it was very crowded (apparently it’s crowded the most in the summer months), Shawn and I were able to find space away from the crowds to just hang out and spend time together while taking in the incredible views which was my favorite part. and THEN on Monday we went for pancakes and then mini golfing in the morning, experienced our first ever zip-line ride which was SO MUCH FUN, had a very yummy dinner at home, then went to the base for a free Plain White T’s concert which was wild (and let me tell you, that band are really great entertainers live!) and an extremely long fireworks show that exceeded my expectations. Overall, this weekend was so amazing!! But that’s why I haven’t been around…And my excuse for yesterday and Tuesday, I had long days at work. That’s all I’ve got. 😉

There are certain things I swear by in life that endlessly inspire me…

and old things is right at the top of that list…Anything vintage, charming, classic, and delicate makes my heart skip a beat…or two…If I can put a vintage spin on something, I am a very happy girl. I have this itch in my bones to design an Old Hollywood glam event of some sorts…I just wish I had a friend with a party or wedding that needs planning! Check out the board below, I think you’ll like it. 🙂

Row 1: chair, sign, vintage wedding shoot via Green Wedding Shoes, table setting

Row 2: cake and pearls, sorbet, invitation

Row 3: film reels, glamourous dress, classic movie table number, lace cake, marquee lights


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