Artful Entertainment

7 Jul

Silhouette artists such as Karl Johnson are one of the hottest trends in the wedding world right now, and being such an adoring fan of everything timeless, I can see why! This is something I could see myself having at my future day. Silhouette art is popping up everywhere at events…on the cake, the invitations, the jewelry, the decor details, the options are limitless. Hiring a silhouette artist is a perfect way to make your event even BETTER. I love a wedding investment that 1, guests are giddily surprised by, 2, guests can take home with them and 3, can independently have a lasting functional purpose. Beautiful silhouettes like the ones below meet all of my requirements for the perfect wedding favor! Guests can enjoy the interactive experience and take home the finished product to hang in their home as a reminder of your special day, leaving behind in the dust the normal boring, and let’s be honest, usually cheesy, wedding favors that most often get thrown away or lost. Or if you already have an alternative favor planned, why not incorporate the silhouettes into your guest book?? You can have each person write a message next to their ‘picture’…Almost like a yearbook, but much much more classy…


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