Center of Attention

29 Jun

When creating a vision for a 4th of July Wedding, I would imagine the couple would most likely be choosing to have a color palette of some combination of reds, blues, and whites. They may be bold, muted, slight variations, into similar color families, but most often, will pay respect to the colors of the American Flag. With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some unique centerpiece ideas for a 4th of July/patriotic event!

If traditional floral is more your style, why not recreate the ‘firework’ arrangement featuring agapanthus, allium, and globe thistle, or the respectful easy-to-replicate carnation spheres below…

Or why not choose to feature an American classic? Like these perfect old school coca cola bottles pictured below from here and here! Not only do they serve as a fantastic decorative piece, it’s something that guests can take home with them as a favor. Goodness I love items that can multi-task!

OR if you’re anything like me and have a special appreciation for edible arrangements like the ones below, why not arrange some centerpieces from your local farmer’s market of the summer’s freshest berries? Again, multi-taskers. They warm my heart…and my stomach… 😉

Whatever tickles your fancy, have fun and get creative this weekend at your 4th of July festivities! Don’t be afraid to go out of the box. Your guests will definitely take notice.


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