Sweet Tooth

22 Jun

If anyone knows me, they know I have a terrible sweet tooth. Dessert is by far my favorite meal of the day, and it will no doubt be my favorite part of my wedding! I love love love cupcakes and ice cream, so I would not be surprised if they both made an appearance at my wedding day…I think my favorite part about desserts at weddings is that nowadays, people are taking such liberties with it all and getting so creative! From individual fondue platters to caramel apples, I have seen so many different directions. And the thing that is so cool is that each one of them is such a perfect reflection of the couple celebrating! Hence, cupcakes and ice cream on my day. 😉 The trend that took the wedding scene by storm a couple of years ago and is still going strong is having cupcakes at your wedding either in lieu of a traditional cake or as a fun and modern accompaniment. While people choose cupcake creations that are extremely varied in design, I chose some of my favorite yummies representing some of my favorite things to feature below…enjoy!

Reproductions of these gorgeous cupcakes made by Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach may or may not make an appearance at my future wedding (another secret about me that is not so secret…I have a ridiculous obsession with everything Disney)…

I have always wanted to go to DC Cupcakes to get a bite of one of these beautiful Red Velvet lovelies! One of these days…
I would not be able to survive without my Mac. My world revolves around the applications found only on my baby and I would not hesitate to take a bite out of one of these!

Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about the best of both my worlds! Give me an ice cream cupcake cone and I think I might be yours forever.


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