“shot shot shot shot shot…”

14 Jun

Let me just prepare you for a culinary journey unlike any other. If you’re hungry, I don’t recommend looking at this post right now. It’s like the grocery store syndrome. You should never visit the grocery store hungry. So if your stomach is growling, go grab a snack and hurry back to check out these charming and delicious looking dishes! I’ll admit, my stomach is talking to me a little bit right now…

I just find the trend of preparing foods in shot glasses for entertaining is so chic, so fun, and the perfectly sized taste of each item. Talk about portion control! What I love the most though is how creative you can get with these things. There’s so many directions you can go with shot glass foods. They are just genius.

If I was at a party with the shots below, I would be totally wasted.

shrimp cocktail via Key Ingredient

lobster and mango gazpacho via Spa Magazine

seven layer dip via Flickr

grilled cheese and tomato soup via 24 Carrots Catering

french fries and dipping sauce via Katie Grace Designs

milk and cookies via Katie Grace Designs

vanilla milkshakes via 24 Carrots Catering


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    […] Here’s some more shot glass goodness to get your hostess imagination going: source source source So the next time you have a last minute get together, grab some milk, cookies from the grocery […]

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