Inspiration Board #8: Best of the South

13 Jun

What a wonderful start to the week this is!

Things that you should know if you are reading this:

1. I LOVE hearing from people that they love a post I made or a link I attached. It makes my day.

2. Even more so, I LOVE getting inspiration from friends. This weekend was the second time so far that a friend contacted me with creative inspiration and I encourage y’all to keep it coming! I would much rather blog about things that are relevant to my readers!

So over the weekend I got a facebook message from one of my oldest and very best of friends Lauren who has been by my side through every major event in my life, and I know will be there on my own wedding day. Basically, in the message she had a very detailed vision of what she wants for her future wedding and wanted to share it with me right away (WITH encouragement to use it here on my blog!). Her thoughts went something like this…

“…back yard southern-influenced reception…a tea bar with three big canisters of tea- sweet, unsweet, and spiked…mason jars with tags on them for people to write their names and then take them home later…lemon, orange, and lime wedges as well as mint leaves and sugar, all that stuff for people to make their own personalized tea cocktails…Wild flowers in mismatched, antique-looking vases for centerpieces. BBQ and burgers as food. Probably some hushpuppies. Down home cooked kinda stuff…Tent. Lots and lots of christmas lights. Lots of yellow and bright blue. And old lace…”

Now I immediately had soooo many ideas of where I wanted to go with this, but an inspiration board can only be so large so I tried to pull the best overall representation of what I had in my head of what she was asking for and what I know is “Lauren” and I ended up with this. Lauren is heart-warming, charming, classy, and is in my mind, the perfect example of subtle beauty. She is never over the top, always pulled together, and I wouldn’t expect anything less for her wedding day.

Row 1: signature drink in mason jars photographed by Jenn Hopkins Photography, doilie table setting via Intimate Weddings, tent and christmas lights via Simply Bloom Photography

Row 2: tea bar via Southern Weddings Magazine, southern menu via Peach and Pearl, save the date via Peach and Pearl, burger slider via Peach and Pearl, yellow shoes via Peach and Pearl

Row 3: lace dress via Southern Weddings Magazine, blue bridesmaid dress via The Dessy Group, wildflowers centerpiece & rustic country table setting via Southern Weddings Magazine


One Response to “Inspiration Board #8: Best of the South”

  1. Lauren June 14, 2011 at 4:42 AM #

    Ooooh this is beautiful 🙂 Damn you’re good! Love you!!!

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