Emi Loves…Shelly Kroegher Photography!

3 Jun

Please let me introduce you to Shelly Kroegher. I visit this incredibly talented woman’s photography blog at least once a day to just marvel at her work. She is one of those artists that is able to completely capture so much life and emotion in her shots that you feel like you can reach out and physically touch the figures. It’s like you’re actually there. Which for me means I get invited to a ridiculous number of weddings all the time from the comfort of my own bed! What a life! But back to Shelly. She has been documenting weddings for over 15 years now and has been featured by all of the big names in the wedding industry including Martha Stewart, The Knot, Style Me Pretty and so much more. Shelly also has managed to find a way to incorporate her greatest passions of traveling and photography into one fantastic career as she has shot weddings everywhere from Hawaii to France. She is such an inspiration for me as I hope to have the same ideal career bringing together all of my favorite things. I hope to be like Shelly and have the pleasure waking up every day and going to work, but really going to play. Below I have posted some of my all-time favorites of Shelly’s work. For more, go to her website here, or her blog here.  You will also find beautiful pictures of families, maternity shots, engagement sessions, and the most gorgeous babies you have ever seen. Have a great weekend!

Sentimental moments


Perfectly captured details

And this one is my absolute favorite! You can tell she feels just so beautiful. I also am in love with her dress!!!






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