New and Improved

1 Jun

Hi readers! So this past weekend was an exciting one for me. I went to a Memorial Day barbecue on Kailua Beach where I only knew one person, one of the other interns from work. I was really nervous, not gonna lie. Being the “new kid” is always rough. But it was fun! A little overwhelming due to all of the people and new environment, but fun! I ate a lot, enjoyed the beach, and even got to listen in on some traditional Hawaiian jams from a picnic site a few down. It was definitely a new experience but I’m really glad I went! I hope all of your Memorial Day Weekends were just as enjoyable.

I decided to try out a new direction with my blog…trying to get things more focused and easy to follow. Okay! This is going to be the new blog, starting today. It will follow a regular weekly schedule, and I will not be posting on weekends.

Mondays: (Motivation & Inspiration) A wedding is the best collaboration of two people’s favorite colors, foods, activities, hobbies, and more. On Mondays I will post my inspiration boards, DIY projects, and more to get your wedding week off on a positive start!

Tuesdays: (Trés Chic) Tuesdays are going to be all about what is trendy, new, and exciting in weddings, events, and entertaining.

Wednesdays: (Wedding Watch) There are an overwhelming amount of wedding websites and blogs out there that are constantly highlighting a wild number of weddings every week. It all begins to become a blur after a while! On Wednesdays I will highlight the most beautiful/creative/unique wedding photo shoots I have stumbled across and feel like you all would appreciate as well.

Thursdays: (Travel Bug) I come across so many interesting locations, people, experiences every week, and on Thursdays I will be catching you all up on all that I am doing in the travel department.

Fridays: (Emi Loves…) Fridays will be used to feature the best vendors and venues that I have worked with, come in contact with, been recommended to, or simply am obsessed with that I feel should be on your love radar as well.

Hope you enjoy the new direction!


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