Circus Spectacular

1 Jun

This week’s wedding on my radar is Erin and Brent’s Old World Circus & Carnival Wedding. The girls at 100 Layer Cake described it perfectly when they called it whimsical. Go there, Erin’s personal blog, or the feature on Green Wedding Shoes to read all about the crazy process that this couple went through to create their perfect DIY wedding. Literally, 96.5% of this wedding was made by the couple, family, and friends. THEY ARE NUTS. But I kinda not-so-secretly want to have all of their creative skills. I would be like the superwoman of weddings. Wild. But yes. Check out these pictures, then when you want some more, go to the other links and sit in awe over this Missouri theatrical masterpiece. Happy Wednesday!

I love the bride’s top hat accessorized head piece!

I don’t know who did their invitations off the top of my head, but how perfect for the occasion are they?! This couple did not skimp out on any detail.

The circus curtains on the left were the backdrop for the one-of-a-kind ceremony. They were made specifically for this event!

The little details like the bathroom signs made by the parents of the couple make me want to stretch my creativity as far as it can go. Also, I now desperately want a vintage bathtub “cooler”.

The hanging parasols, one of the few things at the wedding that weren’t made or loaned by friends and family, were such a perfect canopy treatment, making the dance floor even more magical, especially when the sun went down and it was lit up by all the strung lights.

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