Summer Documentary: Part One

28 May

Readers! Remember when I said in my post about my 101 in 1001 project how I wanted to create a video documenting all of my summer adventures?? Well here is Part One documenting my time in San Diego! It was such a fun weekend and I never wanted it to end but then I wouldn’t be in Hawaii now! And let’s be honest, a summer in Hawaii is bound to make an exciting Part Two to this summer documentary. Hope you enjoy!

Things to take note of in this video:

1. Panda bears eat a LOT. They are eating machines. We watched this particular guy eat through two whole bamboo sticks in a matter of 3 minutes and he wasn’t anywhere near done. They also act remarkably like human beings.

2. River otters are for real the cutest animal on the planet.

3. The guy singing with the miriachi band was not a member of the group! He was a guest at the wedding! Very cool.

4. We saw soooo many weddings/quinceaneras in just the afternoon that we were at the park. Can you count how many?


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