Where Happy Happens

20 May

Now that I finally have had a whole day to myself to really let myself comprehend the fact that I’m not in Hawaii for a few days, or a few weeks, but a few MONTHS, I also have the time to update the blog with some posts I’ve been preparing!

So let’s rewind to my weekend in San Diego! From a previous post, you’ll be able to find that my goals for San Diego were:

enjoying the beach…We didn’t get to do this because of all of my issues at the Denver airport. You can read my whole post about that here.

exploring balboa park…This park was GORGEOUS and I could spend many days there. And to make it even better, we saw probably 8-10 weddings throughout our day! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I’ll post about these later…We took pictures everywhere, below are some of my favorites!

visiting the world-famous zoo…There is so much I can say about this zoo. It really is worth all the hype it gets! The exhibits here are just incredible and we had so much fun on our little zoo date. Some especially interesting experiences…1. We were on a search for a water ice kiosk because I was craving a yummy afternoon snack. Interesting fact: San Diego-ans have NO idea what water ice is. (Us: Whaaaaaat?!?! Being from an area blessed with Rita’s, this was just astounding to us.) I settled for frozen lemonade cup and directed the zoo employees to visit their local walmart/grocery store and pick up some water ice from the frozen section. 2. We got incredibly close to a lot of really cool animals that I had never seen up close before including apes, river otters (LOVE), hippos, polar bears, etc. That was surreal all on its own and it was so cool to observe their animal behaviors from such a close seat! 3. In one of the pics below you will notice a cheetah and  a dog just laying down hanging out together. At the San Diego Zoo they have this really incredible program called the Ambassador Program. Essentially, they raise a dog with a cheetah or wolf from infancy and the two in the pair bond together as lifetime friends. Basically, they are handed their bff from the beginnings of their lives. As they grow together, the dog is used to maintain the cheetah/wolf friend’s temperament. As long as the dog stays calm, their second half stays calm. It is just jaw-dropping to witness in person. I think Shawn and I must’ve stood their just watching them hang out together for a good ten minutes. If you get a chance to go see this exhibit, take the time because it is worth it!

eating mexican food, the real stuff…they aren’t kidding. The real stuff has no comparison to the knock offs. I love Mexican food but Harrisonburg, VA is just never gonna taste the same…

running around downtown…San Diego’s downtown is SO much fun! Especially at night. There is an entire two streets full of bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant, club after club. If only I had turned 21 two weeks sooner, we could have really lived it up! But oh well, another time. Let’s be honest, San Diego has not seen the last of me yet!

I ❤ San Diego.

One Response to “Where Happy Happens”

  1. Shannon September 9, 2014 at 6:10 PM #

    I stumbled upon your blog tonight not sure from where but glad i did! I loved your picks from San Diego I’m heading there for work on the weekend. I won’t have a ton of free time and will be solo but I’m definitely going to Balboa park after reading your post! Hope you’re still in Hawaii. Aloha!

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