Inspiration Board #5: Lions, Tigers, and Bears…oh my!

18 May

Hello readers! I’m so excited to finally be in Hawaii and starting to feel settled in. Today I managed to stay awake past 8 PM my time which was a HUGE improvement on the time change aspect! This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to spend a whole weekend with Shawn in San Diego before making my final leg of my trip out to the islands. I will posting about my fun-filled weekend later this week but for now, I wanted to share some inspiration with you all! While we were looking through our pictures this evening, I was also thinking about what I might like to do a post on today. Since we spent our entire Friday afternoon exploring the San Diego Zoo, Shawn encouraged me to do an inspiration board on a zoo theme! What a clever guy I’ve got. 😉 I also think I’m starting to rub off on him because before I knew it he had exhausted his brain of all potential zoo-themed party ideas. He probably could have done this post himself!

But what a great idea for a themed birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. For my board I decided to take more of a female child’s birthday party spin on things! I envision a color palette of natural browns,vibrant oranges, and bold pinks; activities such as balloon animals, face painting, and a petting zoo; a safari hat, binoculars, and animal-stamped name card for all child guests at their table setting; fun foods such as animal crackers, animal-shaped cookies, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, etc., not to mention the fun animal-print birthday cake! This party could be hours of fun for children of all ages…

First row: animal print candles from Layer Cake Shop, petting zoo, paper lanterns from beau coup

Second row: safari gear, cookies display by Couture Parties, face painting

Third row: invitation by A Savannah Redtop, birthday cake by The Pink Cake Box, name cards from My Wedding Concierge by Mr. Boddington


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