Inspiration “Board” #4: Airports, Airports, Airports

12 May

READERS, seeing as how my life the last 24 hours has revolved around living out of airports, I decided to walk around Denver International with my blackberry and take inspiration pictures. What else would I do with my time?

So if I were doing an airport/traveling inspired event, this is what I might do…

A passport styled invitation!

A guest database that acts as a display of all attending guests, table assignments, where in the country they have come from, and some other fun details as well as the date/time of the wedding, and a ‘gate number’ and location of the wedding. (Gate B23 Coventry Presbyterian) How cool would this be?!

Maybe give the guests a directory in their arrival materials that acts as a map of the area detailing the location of the ceremony, reception, area dining options, area accommodation options, etc. and have it sketched out obviously to look like an airport directory, numbered, color-coded by category, and all. You can even include the fun little symbols.

You could possibly work brochures into your design of places that are meaningful to you as a couple. Table numbers, escort cards, part of the table setting….what a perfect detail that could be patterned throughout the whole night!

You could also get postcards from these favorite locations and use them to continue the brochure theme. These could be use in table setting, in frames around the reception, as a method of guests writing love notes to the couple and/or as a guest book. Woohoo!

Some more signs to inspire you!!

Something different…you could have a shoe shine service available for your male guests maybe over the cocktail hour while the bridal party is taking pictures, or a “Smoking Room” with cigars available, and the ladies could have the option of a simple massage service? Or hand exfoliating service? You know, a play on the little shops and stands that you see when walking through the airport and window shop.

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even hire bartenders that dress up as plane captains!

Of course there are many more details that could easily be added into this theme from using suitcases as decor to implementing little pilot’s wings into each guest’s table setting…I’m obviously just a little airport crazy at the moment…Just a little.

I hope you all are having a safe and non-stressful day of traveling yourselves!


One Response to “Inspiration “Board” #4: Airports, Airports, Airports”

  1. Kelly May 12, 2011 at 8:16 PM #

    THIS IS AWESOME!! You are so creative and so inspiring!

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