bitten by the travel bug

9 May

First stop of the summer is coming up this Wednesday! I’m spending my day today doing laundry, making lists of things I have/don’t have, and trying to keep all of my excitement at an appropriate level. 😉 On Wednesday I will be flying to…..


Things that I’m looking forward to doing besides spending time with my family and boyfriend:

enjoying the beach…ah, perfect.

exploring balboa park…so much to see, so little time!! I guarantee at least 100 pictures will be taken here.

visiting the world-famous zoo…one word. OTTERS! I love love love otters and can’t wait to go see them! The other animals are pretty cute too 🙂

eating mexican food, the real stuff…Um, YUM.

running around downtown…fun times to be had!

Also…some things from my list that I can definitely work on from my Day Zero Project in San Diego!

  1. enjoy being a tourist in at  least 10 different cities
  2. walk along 10 different beaches
  3. have a picnic
  4. eat 10 new things
  5. attend at least 6 cultural experiences a year
If I accomplish any of these things, I will definitely document them to share with you all!
Next stop…
Honolulu, HI


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