A Royal Affair

28 Apr

In honor of the royal wedding, I decided to do a post regarding a royal event I planned this past March. Not too long ago, my high school back home put on an incredible performance of Beauty and the Beast as the spring musical. As a fundraiser, the directing team decided to have a ‘character breakfast’ which would invite children and their parents to come eat breakfast at the school and interact with the cast of characters, take pictures, etc, a la Disney. When I was brought on to design and carry out the event, we never could have imagined it would have been so successful! We had well over 400 attendees and made just about $4000! It was definitely an exciting morning filled with so many touching, sweet moments. Needless to say, the parents were overjoyed at the whole concept and some seemed to love it even more than the kids! Look below to check out some of the details…

When the families arrived, they walked in to see ‘Cogsworth’s Schedule of Events’ which laid out all of the activities and locations throughout the space for the morning. We had everything from Storytime with Belle to full cast performances to Learning to Dance like a Prince/Princess with Babette, the sassy feather duster.

We kept the tables simple since we knew young children would be eating there all morning and we would have to clean the tables between families. We used a sheet music runner of music from the broadway production, topped with centerpieces of books from Belle’s library, a teacup, and a single long stem rose (most of which went home with little princesses at the end of the day).

The little princesses and princes were greeted with the complete royal treatment as they walked the red carpet and were welcomed by their ‘people’. All of the kids got name tags that read “Princess/Prince (Insert name here)” and for the entire morning the cast members interacted with them only by these names. “Good Day Princess Laura! What kingdom are you from?”

Princesses enjoying their breakfast

Cast autographs

A much enjoyed full cast performance as the kids watched in wonder and awe…

Babette and Lumiere teaching the kids to dance like royalty

The kids competed in a coloring contest! The winning picture won 4 tickets to one of the shows.

Finally, the kids all got picture and autograph opportunities with some of the show’s featured characters. Almost every child that came through the event had dressed up as princesses and princes, we even had a pirate show up!

At the end of the day, the event was a HUGE hit! It was also my first steps into themed child parties and entertainment and I am still beyond ecstatic with the results! Looking forward to my next opportunity…


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