Picture Perfect

26 Apr

Entertaining on a Budget

Photo Shoot Themed Party

I got inspired in Art History today. I was sitting in lecture taking in all of the bold colors and emotions of the photographs being displayed on the screen in the front of the room while my adorable professor was yammering on about about a particular piece, explaining how it just exuded that artist’s personality and soul in a fun, yet very real way, and how the photograph was just even more beautiful because of the candid element of the moment it captured and immediately at that moment, my brain went into hyper-speed about the possibilities of a photography themed party. This would be so fun (and affordable!) for a birthday party, bachelorette shower, baby shower, or just a great excuse in itself to get all your friends together!

So here’s the Dets:

1. find a friend/family member with a nice camera who may have some talent behind the camera to be  your trusty photographer for the day. they don’t have to be a professional! most people will do this for free (be sure to mention that there will be a lot of free entertainment on their end) but if not, offer them free food and they will most likely do it for a pretty small fee for their time, say $20 or so.

2. encourage your guests to all come dressed in a common theme (sundresses, jeans and a solid colored shirt, etc.)…if it were me, I would encourage all of my friends to come wearing something black, whether it be a dress, shirt and jeans, etc. that could be dressed up with color and glam via accessories once they arrived. Also, black is a color everyone has in their closet at least once, so it’s a pretty safe bet no one will have to invest money in a new party outfit!

3. Plan ahead and start collecting the things you might need! Go through old clothes at home, visit Goodwill/Dollar Store, and borrow pieces to get your hands on a variety of dress up items such as boas, tiaras, fun hats and glasses, jewelry, any accessories that might fit your look! Also pick up details that are fun to photograph with! Things like: bubbles, balloons, silly string, water guns, chalk, the options are endless.

The girls here have the right idea…


4. Ask around to your friends and family and gather as many mirrors as you can and make a mirror wall in your house out of them! Not only would this look really cool aesthetically and in pictures, but how great would it be to just have an entire wall where everyone can get pretty/dressed up at the same time?! It would look a little something like this, but better….

Wall of Mirrors (Vintage Revivals)

5. Consider buying a few disposable cameras as an extra fun element that your guests can use to capture their own memories throughout the day that are especially candid. And let’s be honest, when’s the last time you got to play with your own disposable camera for a day? For me, probably the 8th grade.

So let’s see what we have so far…

Photographer: free

Party Outfits: free

Accessories: ~ $20

Mirrors: free

Disposable cameras: ~$20

As long as you’re getting artsy, be sure to include food that reflects your state of mind. Besides being super delicious, these do-it-yourself foods would also be perfect photo opps!
Consider setting up a pizza bar where everyone gets to make their own personal slice of heaven…

Personal Pizzas (The City Sisters)

And get creative with these dessert yummies:

Cupcake Fondue (from Bake it Pretty via The Sweetest Occasion)

So for a price just around $50, you can bring your friends together, and have the perfect excuse to dress up, let loose, ‘cheese’ til your cheeks hurt, and capture some fantastic genuine memories!

happy entertaining!


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